Loan Extension

You have the ability to extend your loan on amounts of $50 and above. This can be done by paying the total owed for the interest on the remainder of your loan. This allows you to extend your loan for an additional fortnight without additional payments. This amount will not be deducted from your loan payment and can only be done once (1) during the loan period. Loans are not extended automatically

Terms and Conditions

The information supplied by you must be true. In the event that any of the information given is false, the application will be cancelled or terminated with immediate effect. You agree to make a payment in the sum of the remaining interest owed on my loan in order to have my loan extend. You also understand that this amount will not be deducted from your loan payment. You understand that this can be done only once and your loan payment commence on my next pay cycle. You agree to make payment starting on my next pay date and every fortnight after until the total loan amount is paid off. You must read the terms and conditions and will abide by them.

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